Rebuilds & Upgrades

We’ll keep the best of your existing system while rebuilding aspects that are not working or seriously inefficient.

WaterFurnace Dealer

We have years of experience installing WaterFurnace systems and are an authorized dealer.

Tekmar home heating systems can be remote controlled with a web browser

tekmar Controls

Combine tekmar with our expert installation for state of the art home HVAC systems.

geothermal ground loop manifold

Service & Repairs

We service and repair heat pumps, ground loops, boilers, radiant floors and controls.

solar domestic hot water system installed by Southwest Solar & Heating

Solar Hot Water

We are experienced with systems from simple residential to large scale commercial installations.

Geothermal Systems

​We design & install in-ground and underwater geothermal loops, heat pumps and controls.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be 2-4 times more efficient than using electric baseboard, a boiler or a furnace.

radiant floor installation by Southwest Solar

Radiant Floors

Hydronic radiant floors are becoming much more popular with new home construction. With a variety of different installation methods, they can be added to any home.

radiant heating controls

HVAC Controls

Hydronic heating and cooling systems need to have a good control system. If a system is not being controlled properly, it may not be as efficient as it should be.