radiant floor installation by Southwest Solar

Radiant Floors

Hydronic (Water) Radiant Floors

Services provided:

  • Repair existing hydronic radiant floor systems
  • Professional radiant floor design for new construction and renovations
  • Installation of radiant piping
  • Installation of heat source, i.e. boiler, air-to-water heat pump, or geothermal
  • Free assessment and quotes
  • Hydronic radiant floors are becoming much more popular with new home
    construction. With a variety of different installation methods, they can be
    added to any home.

Benefits of hydronic radiant flooring include:

  • warms objects in the room from the floor up, not just room air
  • can be up to 30% more efficient than forced air systems
  • no need for duct work or radiators (increased floor space)
  • can control which rooms are heated individually
  • cozy floors!