BC Hydro Power Smart

BC Hydro Rebates

Home renovation rebates are available from BC Hydro when you improve your home’s energy efficiency. For instance you can qualify for a $2,000 rebate for a new air source heat pump for your central heating system.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing electric heating system, a heat pump can be more efficient than a traditional electric furnace or baseboard heaters. Unlike other heating and cooling systems, which convert fuel or electricity directly into heat, a heat pump moves heat from one place to another, in the same way as an air conditioner.

BC Hydro recommends that you get multiple quotes and consider different systems to determine the product and service provider that best meets your needs.

For more detail on their available rebates please visit:  https://www.bchydro.com/powersmart/residential/savings-and-rebates/current-rebates-buy-backs/home-renovation-rebates/rebates.html

You can also get rebates for other home improvements such as better insulation. See their website for more information and how to apply and qualify: https://www.bchydro.com/powersmart/residential/savings-and-rebates/current-rebates-buy-backs/home-renovation-rebates.html?WT.mc_id=HRRP_sem

And don’t forget there is no provincial sales tax on these energy efficient purchases.