Accolades to Andy.

Andy rescued us when the fourteen-year-old solar-integrated geothermal system in our Salt Spring Island home failed completely in 2016. Another geothermal company agreed to fix the system – but after putting a new solar storage tank in the utility room, they stopped work and did not respond to any of our phone calls or emails. For over a year, we were left with an uninstalled hot water tank, unattached pipes everywhere, a dead heat pump, and no idea what to do.

Then, acting on the advice of a knowledgeable friend, we contacted Andy. It turns out that Andy actually enjoys tackling complex geosolar system problems, up to and including system redesign if necessary – and his work on our system proved that he’s very good at it. We found him to be honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. Some examples: his initial assessment of our system’s problems was accurate. His quote for fixing those problems using high-quality parts and equipment was both accurate and fair. He can install copper lines just as efficiently and cleanly as PVC. He seems to have an almost intuitive sense of how geosolar systems should work, enabling him to design piping and valves and program system sensors and controllers for optimum system function – and then he gets all the parts and equipment, installs everything, programs the controllers, and makes sure the system works properly. He also cheerfully answered the many questions I asked him.

We now have an upgraded, more efficient geosolar system in our nice warm house. We have hot water again. We even have a new, very well-insulated pipe running out to heat the water in our hot tub. A new set of controllers keeps track of everything. If the main controller ever senses any difficulties, it will email alerts, plus it allows Andy to trouble-shoot the system remotely.

I cannot recommend Andy highly enough!

Gillian Arsenault
Salt Spring Island


Andy was able to pick up our geothermal project where another firm left off. We had Christmas guests scheduled to arrive at our remote home on Galiano Island and no heat in the house.
Andy worked around the clock and got our project across the finish line in the nick of time.
It's been running perfectly ever since. I could not give him a higher recommendation.

Ian McSorley
Galiano Island, BC


Blue Grouse installed a geothermal heating and cooling system as part of our green philosophy during our 2014/15 expansion. The system was problematic from the outset. We made numerous attempts to improve it, but it wasn’t until we started working with Southwest Solar and Heating that we made real headway. We were their first customer and continue to work with them today. They treat us like a valued customer, they do quality work at a reasonable price and stand behind that work. We are pleased to be their business partner and look forward to a long relationship.

Paul Brunner
Owner, Blue Grouse Estate Winery, Duncan, BC


Andy and his company, Southwest Solar, was referred to us by another geothermal installer and we are so grateful we called him and have been able to avail him of his services for the last few years. We have acomplex heating system with several geothermal boilers, that requires a person who can fix anything, anytime and Andy has risen to the challenge each time. He is reasonable with expenses and always looks for the most efficient, cost effective solution. We now recommend him to everyone!

John and Katy Ehrlich
Alderlea Farm and Cafe, Duncan, BC


Our complex ground source geothermal system was originally installed in 2008 and required a more modern control system. We use an open loop system using water from our well and in the fall we often do not have the required volume for the system to operate. We have a backup electric system but had to operate it manually when the well is low. Andy installed flow switches in the well to monitor the levels and the latest control systems from Tekmar. Our system now operates seamlessly and efficiently and we are able to control temperatures in all our zones remotely from our phone or computer. The new and very complex control system works beautifully and we are very happy with the results.

Parker Jefferson
Duncan BC