Empower your property with Southwest Solar & Heating!

About Southwest Solar & Heating

Working since 2001, we are one of Southern Vancouver Island's newest solar and heating companies and we want to meet you! If you would like to put some solar panels on your roof, lower your heating bill by switching to a heat pump, or want to upgrade your heating and cooling system, we would be happy to talk to you today.


We see a world of possibilities around us…neighbourhoods transformed into mini solar power plants simply by having homeowners add solar panels to their roofs.

We also love the idea of harnessing the heat from the ground or water, and using it to heat your home. You can achieve this by having us install a geothermal loop on your property!

We also want to help people lower their energy and heating bills and ditch fossil fuels. We can do this using solar, geo, heat pumps, radiant floors and custom controls.

We believe that we can do better for our planet, and we want to help you do the same!


Our mission is to help homeowners, businesses and developers empower their properties. By empower, we mean become more energy efficient and carbon-neutral through the installation of solar PV systems, heat pumps, and/or geothermal loops. We are passionate about taking responsibility for our energy consumption and creation and we want to help you to do the same!

What we do

We install and maintain:

  • geothermal heating and cooling
  • heat pumps
  • radiant floor heating
  • hydronic heating systems
  • custom HVAC controls
  • solar photovoltaic (PV) systems (grid connected and off-grid)
  • things right the first time...no cutting corners

Who we are

Andy Dent (Owner, Lead Designer and Installer)
Andy is a ticketed gas fitter with over 17 years of experience with the installation and maintenance of furnaces, boilers, solar heating systems, geothermal loops, radiant floors, heat pumps, and HVAC controls. Andy ventured into solar PV two years ago, and thinks it is, "extremely cool" to be able to make your own power at home. He is a solar PV installer with training from the BCIT Centre for Energy Systems Applications.

Emily Dent (Owner, Executive Assistant, Labourer)
Emily is a Registered Nurse with Island Health, and in her spare time helps Andy with administrative aspects of the company and assists with installations. She is passionate about alternative energy applications and solar power generation, and also thinks that it is, "extremely cool" to make your own power at home.

Why Solar?

  • CO2 offset
  • BC hydro will pay you for the excess power that you generate
  • Pays for itself (i.e. 3 Kw system at today's hydro rates will pay for itself in approximately 12 - 15 years).
  • Teach your kids that you want to help the environment
  • Trending technology
  • Costs for solar have dropped, and are continuing to drop
  • No PST charged on renewables
  • Potential increase in the re-sale value of your home
  • It is really neat to be able to generate your own power at home!
  • Do not have to be dependent on the grid for your power
  • Low maintenance